New Year; New Focus


Well, believe it or not, we have entered 2014. It almost seems impossible that 2013 has come and gone. It makes me scratch my head and evaluate not only where I have been but also where I am going. Even though my reflection reveals many sad and difficult events that have occured over the past year, they are imediately overshadowed by the enormity of blessings that the Father has rained down upon me and my family. In my estimation, one of the biggest blessings has been the new opportunities that have been presented to me in the area of writing. If you know me at all, you know this is a passion that runs very deeply within my soul. It is just a great example and reminder to me of exactly where I am. I am hidden in the cleft of the rock, and let me tell you, it is a charmed life! With that in mind, I want to stay focused in this new year, and always, by remembering who I am, to Whom I belong, and the blessing of living in the cleft. What better way to do this than to put it down in words as a memorial of the the blessings found daily in Him. I hope this will help me be more thankful, learn from my mistakes, and maybe reach out to others along the way. God bless you and thanks for embarking on this new and exciting journey with me.